Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision



Our vision is to make Turkey an energy terminal in terms of oil and gas trade while utilizing national and international cooperation opportunities to become a prestigious company in the world, a leader in the region and a trendsetter in the sector.


Our mission is to create competitive advantage by using knowledge, productivity and applying high technology within the framework of international quality standards, as well as supplying energy to national and international markets as a financially and institutionally strong company.


Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives under 3 themes in BOTAS 2015-2019 Strategic Plan are below:

Theme 1

Infrastructure Works - Natural Gas Supply and System Security

Theme 2

Diversity of Resources and Routes, Regional and Global Efficiency

Theme 3

Developing efficient institutional structure

Strategic Objective I

  • Development of natural gas transmission infrastructure.

Strategic Objective II

  • Providing natural gas supply and system security.

Strategic Objective III

  • Modernization of crude oil pipeline system.

Strategic Objective IV

  • Providing variety in resources and routes through regional and global strategic cooperation, turning Turkey into an energy center through new projects.

Strategic Objective V

  • Getting BOTAS efficient institutional structure.

Strategic Objective VI

  • Establishing an efficient R&D system.