Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System

In today’s world, production increases day by day and in parallel, energy resources are decreasing. With production increase, concepts such as efficient use of energy resources, energy saving, energy efficiency, recovery and reuse are gaining importance. As a result of the negative consequences of global warming and the decrease in energy resources, energy management has become a significant issue.

Alongside being useful for organizations, effective energy management has now become a necessity. TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System is mainly based on the determination of energy policies of the organizations, the management of energy consumption within the framework of the energy management programs established in line with the objectives and targets they set, and evaluating the performance of the energy management system and providing improvements.

In this context, our Corporation has also adopted an Energy Management system Policy which promises to use energy resources in the most efficient way with full participation and support of employees; to develop energy performance continuously and sustainably with the understanding of lowest environmental impact; to research alternative energy sources by following new technologies; to provide all kinds of information and resources, to ensure that appropriate energy efficient choices are made in the purchase of design, product, equipment and services and to compare the energy performance of the similar processes. As of December 2018, after completing standard requirements, TS EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System has started to be applied in all BOTAŞ operations and facilities.


Energy Efficiency Works

The major applications within the scope of ISO 50001 Energy Management System works can be summarized as follows:

Exterior sheathing and window-door renovation works; establishment of roof solar power system for hot water supply; replacing fluorescent lamps in offices and corridors with LED lamps; replacement of heating / cooling pipes with geothermal pipes; replacement of 6 main line pump engines with more efficient engines in the Regional Directorate of Petroleum Operations; the establishment of a 1 MW Unlicensed Solar Power Plant at the Tuz Gölü Operations Directorate which meets 60% of the plant's energy need has been completed. As a result, energy efficiency works carried out throughout our Company have saved 28 % energy in 2018, compared to the previous year.


Our Projects and Our Targets

Among the project targets under the scope of the energy management works in the forthcoming process are 5 MW new Solar Power Plant project (1 MW for Adana –Ceyhan, 2 MW for Aksaray - Tuz Gölü, 2 MW Ankara-Yapracık) in addition to the existing 1 MW Solar Power Plant project.

Work on the installation of a Wind Power Plant (WPP) with and installed power of 42. MW has been completed in Silivri Natural Gas Storage Facilities, where winde speeds are sufficient for turbine installation. As a result, the facility meets all its energy demand from wind power.

The Chimney Waste Heat Recovery Project, which enables the production of electricity by recycling the high flow and temperature exhaust gases arising at compressor stations, with a great energy potential, is planned to be implemented in one of the stations and afterwards expanded to all convenient compressor stations.

Our company, which is the leader in its sector, has set as its target to develop its energy use performance and energy efficiency indicators continuously and sustainably within the framework of lowest environmental impact understanding and its domestic and national energy vision.