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BOTAŞ Signs Another Major Export Agreement


The keeper of Turkey's security of energy supply BOTAŞ, continues to contribute sustaining Europe's security of energy supply as well. While BOTAŞ continues to deliver uninterrupted energy to our country with giant projects, Turkey; utilizing the advantage of its geographical location and strong infrastructure, has started materializing the projects it initiated to become a central country in energy.

The most recent product of the successful international energy diplomacy is the natural gas export agreement with Hungary. It is signed between BOTAŞ and the Hungarian state-owned company MVM CEEnergy, in line with our country's strategic goals in the field of energy and its vision of being a natural gas hub. BOTAS General Manager and Chairman of the Board Burhan ÖZCAN and MVM CEEnergy CEO Laszlo FRİTSCH signed the historically significant agreement at the ceremony, held on 20 August 2023, under the auspices of Hungarian Ministry of Energy's Undersecretary for Public Administration and MVM CEEnergy Chairman of the Board Gabor CZEPEK and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alparslan BAYRAKTAR.

With the agreement, which envisages the start of natural gas supply from Turkey to Hungary in 2024, the parties also agreed on the development of cooperation on the use of our country's strong LNG infrastructure and the natural gas storage facilities of the two countries within the framework of common interests.

BOTAŞ, the guarantor of our country's security of natural gas supply, will also make a significant contribution to the energy supply security of Europe with this agreement which is a first as the gas will be exported through pipelines to a European country that does not share a border with Turkey.

Tarih: 22/8/2023